How to check for a water logged tank

System: 4” or 5” well

  1. Shut off power to the pump
  2. Open cold water supply to drain off pressure in system (usually a bath room and kitchen faucets)
  3. Once water stops running completely, shut off supply valve to house
  4. Remove air stem valve cover and check air in tank with an air pressure gauge
  5. If tank has approximately 18 psi (for systems set to a 20/40 setting), 28psi (for systems set to a 30/50 setting) or 38psi (for systems set to a 40/60 setting) then tank pressure is fine
  6. Replace air stem valve cover and turn on power to pump
  7. Once system builds up to shut off pressure and the pressure switch opens, turn on house supply valve and let run through open faucet to let any air out of the system
  8. Once air is out shut off faucet

What to do if tank has little to no air and completely draining the system and power is off

  1. If you have a small air compressor, you can add air to the tank. Be sure to put in 18 psi (for a 20/40 system), 28psi (for a 30/50 system) or 38psi (for a 40/60 system). Turn on system and let the pump build up to pressure (shut off) and the pressure switch opens. Open the house supply valve slowly and let it run through an open faucet to let out any air in lines. Use the system for 2 to 3 weeks and recheck the tank by following the instructions above. If air is below your previous recharge then most likely the bladder is bad and the tank needs to be replaced.
  2. You can call Thomas Flint and Son for an inspection and quote to replace if necessary

Symptoms to look for in regards to a water logged tank

  1. Unusual increase in the electric bill when there is nothing extra being used (i.e. Christmas lights outside or a sporadic high use to electricity.)
  2. A constant cycling (on/off) when someone is using water. Have someone open a faucet and if the pump comes on very quickly (i.e. a very small of water leaves the tank) and builds up and shuts off and then repeats this process then there is a good chance the tank is water logged. Give Thomas Flint and Son a call to schedule an inspection.
  3. The water seems to fluctuate up and down when being used. Often, you can visually see the water increase in pressure and then decrease in pressure when being used.

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