Common Well Problems

Pressure fluctuations

  • You could have a water logged tank, the pressure switch is going on\off when someone is using water
  • Plugged well screen, the volume that once was available is being impeded by mineral build up on the screen or point

Start\Stop of well

You could have a leak somewhere:

  • In the house
  • In the line from the well to the storage tank
  • In a line going out to an existing structure other than the home
  • A check valve not functioning properly
  • A hole in the drop pipe

No Water

  • Tripped breaker on the pump
  • Bad pressure switch
  • Bad control box on a 3-wire system

Pump Running Continuously

  • 2” well systems
    • The screen or point in the well may be plugged
    • The drop pipe in the well may be plugged
    • Worn pump
  • 4”\5” well systems
    • A leak somewhere in the system
    • Worn pump
    • The screen or point in the well may be plugged


  • Most standard bladder tanks come precharged to 38psi. This allows for most cut in (when the pump comes on) to be 40psi and the cut off (when the pump shuts off) to be 60psi. If the tank comes precharged to 28psi then the cut in would be 30psi and the cut off 50psi. As a general rule, when setting the cut in psi, it is to be 2psi more than the tank’s precharged psi

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